The Present

...was my suggestion to Jimmy Page for the title of the album Led Zeppelin later called Presence (an infinitely less interesting variation, without the multiple meanings, in my view).

However, as I get older, it becomes clear that the old adage "Be Here Now" is a wise one. The present moment, though only a single fold-in-time away from what has gone before and is yet to come, is the only moment that really matters.

Time Machines remains one of the Coil album's about which I get the most mail. Despite its lack of melody or lyrics, its Power lies in the way it Changes the State of the listener.

Usually our elected authorities try to discourage, tax beyond reason, or even forbid outright, the average citizen from having control of his own State.

Pictures, moving or otherwise, that Change the State of the viewer are tightly controlled, not to mention the ingestion of unprescribed or unlicensed substances, even if you picked, grew or synthesised them yourself.

Even unregulated religious or physical practices, straying too far from the safety of the middle of "the bell-curve" of what's currently considered acceptable, are frowned upon, and often illegal.

So far, few have identified the potential of sound as a possible Changer of State (other than chanting Holy Men of all creeds across the aeons), and of course the Military (see if you need more.)

The last few years have seen me becoming more interested in changing state (legally obviously) not as a route to intoxication, leading to loss of Awareness of the Present Moment, but as way of opening doors to new visions, capabilities and knowledge. - Sleazy