Coil in the 90's

As with any Halcyon Days, over indulgence in the pleasures they offer can be dangerous. As the pharmaceutical quality went down (presumably due to the Thacher-ite greed of the manufacturers, not only we the day after a write off, but also the-day-after-the day-after. Geff found he needed a bottle of wine (or three) to smooth off the inevitable come downs, and before long, he needed them whether we had been partying or not.

Not only that, but before long the bastardisation of the Molecule, led to nightmare visions of headless parrots (when actually they were only asleep) and time becoming an endless loop of Charles Laughton intoning "...the fingers of the right spell H A T E"...

The Upside of the 90s was our detection, in the prevailing Aetheric Current, of the DMT Machine Elves' Ballroom Favourite, which (as far as I recall) was first named and demonstrated by Coil in "Worship the Glitch"... - Sleazy