Coil's 21st Century - Introversion turns inside out...

At the end of the 20th Century, Coil moved from a London filled with the Ghosts of our friends, funerals and nightmares, to a rambling Victorian "Care Home" on the Coast, both before and since (and in hindsight DURING) our residence. It was a melancholy but also very beautiful environment, bringing forth Musick to match, to Play in the Dark, even.

Also, thanks to Thighpaulsandra we plucked up the courage to Sally Forth and meet our many admirers (and sympathisers). The motivation to make a new show every six months or so, brought about much new material that would not otherwise have happened. And apparently the sight of the new "Coil Live" effected many people profoundly.

After laughably being told I" would Never Work in Hollywood Again", I decided that was okay by me, and so had plenty of time to take care of Geff, who was up and down, and make more music and video for Coil.

The Downside for me was having to watch (in close-up) as the beautiful 17 year old genius I had first met, and fallen in love with 20 years earlier, slowly drank himself away from Joy, Awareness, Hope and finally, Life itself. -Sleazy